KAAISv4 – Kali Applications Automatic Installation Script

Ahoy Pirates !!!

Welcome to KAAISv4 official website.
You’ll find every information you need on the new KAAIS versions.


It’s a new version of the script for a new version of KALI, being designed to work under KALI 2.0 (for earlier versions you should use KAAISv3 instead). Code has been totally reorganized to fill
current command deployments.

This version of the script currently includes the next options:

Update apps and install new apps
Update ‘sources.list’ file

List of apps available: (Regular Update)

Mozilla Firefox Browser

Wondering how you can download and use KAAISv4 ? Follow the steps below:

The script can be downloaded from this website, or from SourceForge website.

Special thanks to:

r00t-3xpl0it @SSA
This guy right here was my inspiration to enter in Shell Scripting, so all of my work are to be thanked to this guy. <3



Main site: https://rawstring.com/kaais/kaaisv4.sh
SourceForge: (Not Yet Available)